Keynote Speech: CRUNCH TIME


Have you ever had sweaty palms before an important presentation? 

Dry mouth during a difficult conversation?

Frozen up when your boss asked for “creative” ideas?

That’s Crunch Time and I know it well. I’ve felt the nerves kick in and been distracted by the voice of doubt in my head. I’ve tried to become what I thought people WANTED me to be, rather than showcasing my own strengths and ideas. And I’ve blown some great opportunities.


But over the years I learned to conquer those moments by reframing them. And those lessons are what Crunch Time is all about. I’ll give you powerful tools to bring your best self to your most important moments, both professional and personal. 


  • Convert your nervous energy into performance fuel
  • Hit MUTE on the nagging voice of doubt in your head
  • Generate creative ideas when the pressure’s on
  • Stop trying to be impressive and just be
  • Steer out of the skid if you stumble or freeze
  • Discover the life-changing power of INDIFFERENCE TO OUTCOMES

You’ll walk away from your biggest moments without regret, knowing you left it all on the table.

Want to bring your best self to your most important moments?