Peter Brown

Brown Knows Ventures. The site for all things Peter Brown for 1/100th of a century.

He won a scholarship to study at Cambridge University.

He had a brilliant career as a CBC Radio host.

He won multiple awards as a comedy writer and producer.

Now Peter Brown is bringing his smarts, his performance skills and his humour to new projects and events.  Read on and find out what he can do for you.


You can hire a broadcaster to give your event professional polish, you can hire a comic to make it light-hearted and entertaining, or you can hire Peter Brown and get both.

He’s an expert at reading his audience. He knows when to be serious, when to be light-hearted, and improvises effortlessly if needed.

– Mike Roshuk, Stakeholder Relations Coordinator, Safety Codes Council

Keynote Speaking

Ever had sweaty palms before an important presentation? 

Dry mouth during a difficult conversation?

Frozen up when your boss asked for “creative” ideas?

That’s what CRUNCH TIME is all about.


What Peter's Up To

I’m also doing lots of shows around Edmonton, and dipping my toes back into the writing pool.

The Irrelevant Show

Since CBC Radios’ comedy program The Irrelevant show wrapped up, we’re now available for hire! We will tailor our show just for you, combining popular sketches with custom made material.

Here’s what Peter’s clients say

Musical Comedy

The Irrelevant Show’s music team will end your gathering on a high note with a mini-musical that’s all about you. We call it Your Event: the Musical!

Want to bring your project to life?