Emcee - live, virtual or hybrid


You can hire a broadcaster to give your event professional polish, you can hire a comic to make it light-hearted and entertaining, or you can hire Peter Brown and get both.

Peter brings a rare combination of skills to emceeing events and conferences – virtual, live and hybrid.


The same qualities that made Peter an outstanding CBC radio host and producer – his thorough research, intelligence and clarity as a communicator – make him an exceptional emcee for any function. Well in advance of your event, Peter will talk to you about your organization, what you’re hoping to achieve and what role he can play in helping you reach those goals. As an experienced producer and host, Peter knows what questions to ask to define the “bullseye” of your event. And if you’re looking for suggestions about structure, writing, tone or lineup, you’re talking to the right person.

Peter also has a great track record as a comedy performer and improviser. He’ll help you build a strong script, but he’ll also have the presence of mind to roll with surprises. So when a panelist is running late, or a last-second introduction or announcement is needed, or when things go totally off the rails, Peter will deliver with clarity and confidence, and often turn what could be an awkward situation into a moment of shared humour. Whatever’s happening in the room, he’ll react with gentle, inclusive humour and find moments of fun without detracting from the business at hand

It all adds up to a well-organized presentation that’s clear, calm, accessible and entertaining. That’s why Peter’s clients bring him back year after year – they know they can trust him to make their event run smoothly, to roll with the punches and to strike the perfect balance between serious information and humour.

Here’s a video of Peter emceeing the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction 2017 

Here’s what Peter’s clients say

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