Musical Comedy

Your Event: The Musical!

We’ll tie your event together and end it on a high note with an original mini- musical that’s all about you!

Your Event: The Musical! will turn the highlights of your gathering into a funny and entertaining package. Your themes, speakers, and memorable moments will become the subjects of soaring songs, tender ballads, patter tunes and big show-stoppers. You’ll be amazed how much of your event we incorporate.

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The Irrelevant Show’s award-winning musical team, led by Peter Brown and resident composer/pianist Jan Randall, wrote more than 50 songs for national broadcast. These were often highlights of our live shows and we received countless requests for copies and even sheet music.


As we’ve demonstrated during our years on CBC, we know how to craft comedy that’s light-hearted and inclusive – if we sing about an individual in your organization, they’ll definitely want a copy to play for their family later on.

“Wonderfully performed and consistently hilarious. All the way out into the parking lot people were grinning ear to ear, discussing their favourite sketches.”

– (5 out of 5 stars) Vue Magazine

Here are just a few of the songs we created over the years:


In 2016, with our friend Kieran Martin Murphy, we did this song about Canada’s new-found sexiness.


For sports fans, we wrote this song about Canadian hockey dreams in the early 2000s (enjoy the animated video)


We wrote about many Canadian cities and towns, including Chemainus B.C. 

Listen To Chemainus Song

“Tantrum” (Jocelyn Ahlf song)

When our musical contributor Jocelyn Ahlf’s 4-year-old daughter threw a tantrum, we turned it into a mini-opera. It became one of our biggest hits.

Performed by several members of our musical team, Your Event: The Musical will be funny, entertaining and unforgettable. A 10- to 15-minute exclamation mark on your event that will have your attendees talking (and humming) for days.

Want to bring your project to life?